KICKSTART ANALYTICS is the leading providing of data science and analytics solutions to Oil and Gas companies.  We provide a powerful platform that responds to the challenges of today’s digital oilfield by bringing your data together, finding insights, optimizing workflows, and providing high-quality skills training to empower people to use data in their jobs to make better decisions.

How do you enable a data-driven culture?

Data is siloed. Legacy software is disconnected. People are busy. Yet the value of analytics of using data to make smarter decisions has been proven in the field and rewarded on Wall Street. With the proliferation of new wells coming online and the mass amounts of data be collected by Oil and Gas companies, the problem of managing and using data is only escalating.

We designed as an operational analytics database that brings together all your data so you can make smarter decisions. puts these disparate data types at the finger tips of engineers, geologists, and managers, giving them the power to use data in their everyday work.

Work Better

Integrate all your data quickly and spend more valuable time exploring what your data can tell you.

Work Together

Synchronize your data across platforms and third-party applications.

Kickstart your analytics with intuitive templates

We built a comprehensive library with readymade customizable Spotfire and MS Power BI templates and extensions for hundreds of O&G workflows that come with step-by-step documentation and intuitive user interfaces that let you get started quickly. We incorporate feedback regularly from our growing user community to keep growing and improving our library with the best content.

Evaluate more opportunities

Start making smarter, data-driven decisions with our easy-to-use templates and extensions.

Get Results

Look in the library to get the latest in oil and gas analytics without reinventing the wheel.


Our platform to clean, process, and store all your oil and gas data.



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Troy Leads Session at MongoDB World ‘18

In an exciting roll out of’s new offering,, Troy Ruths, CEO of, will lead a technical talk June 27 at 4:20 PM entitled Big Data, Data Science, and Chat Unite in Oil & Gas. Troy will be speaking on the second of the two day MongoDB...

Troy on Panel for Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference

Representing Mongo DB at the Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference, CEO, Troy Ruths will participate on a panel of data experts, Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 4:30 PM in the Hilton Houston Post Oak near the Galleria in Houston, TX. Troy will explain the...

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In January 2018, Kyle LaMotta, CEO and Founder of Data Fuel, a Spotfire shop providing analytics, training, consulting and templates for the Oil & Gas industry, joined the team. In March, Kyle added his blog, Data Fuel to the line up. Data Fuel has...

We provide a platform to help organize your data, end to end solutions that optimize your workflows, and data science training to enhance your skill set. Our integrated analytics platform covers the complete well life-cycle from exploration to completions to operations.

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